Computer Forensics


Digital Forensic Experts

X-act forensics are computer forensic experts with invaluable experience in cases of computer fraud, indecent images, intellectual property theft, email/webmail and social networking based cases.

All of our analysts are certified computer examiners and have court experience in civil and criminal investigations.

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Computer Forensics

Computer Analysis

Utilising our expert knowledge, forensic tools, and technical capabilities, we have the experience to investigate computers and company servers.
Our team of investigators will provide you with quality computer forensics reports, and have the essential experience to appear as an expert witness in court.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Analysis

Mobile phones are now the most popular form of communication device in society today.
Using a dedicated mobile phone laboratory, X-act Forensics has the expertise to work on any make or model of phone with the potential to recover even deleted information from the handset.

CCTV and Audio Enhancement

CCTV and Audio Forensics

X-act Forensics work with video images and audio recordings that require enhancement before
they can be used as evidence in a court of law.
We can enhance CCTV footage and de-multiplex video into relevant streams, still frame images and correct audio levels.

Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site

Our experts have provided cell site analysis in a multitude of cases ranging from murder to theft.
X-act forensics offer services for onsite surveying and analysis, cell site report reviews and extent of coverage surveys. We can easily compile reports and be available for expert witness testimony when called for.



X-act forensics provide a complete E-discovery solution for the most complex of electronic evidence and E-disclosure cases; satisfying the entire EDRM model from the initial capture of data and preservation of evidence right through to supplying our clients with a hosted litigation platform for easy review.
Our experts understand that computer forensics and E-discovery is not only about using the right technology but also planning the correct strategy and early case assessment to ensure successful litigation.


Lorraine Teague, Partner

Shakespeare Putsman LLP

Shakespeare Putsman LLP instructed X-act to carry out a forensic investigation of a director's computer arising from a suspicion that the director had misused confidential information. X-act acted promptly, and were professional and discrete throughout. They carried out a very thorough search and helpfully kept us updated and informed of progress.

Jemimah Fleet


I was very impressed with X-act Forensics, especially the regular updates I received concerning the progression of the report. I found the whole team to reliable and very helpful.