Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site Analysis or ‘Cell Site’ – as it is often referred to in the forensic industry, is a forensic technique comprising of the analysis of Call data Records (CDR’s) for a given mobile phone and the likely geographical area that that phone(s) could have been used.

Mobile phones and the individual Cell Sites that they connect to are recorded by the network operator (O2, Orange, Vodaphone etc) in the form of Call Data Records. The Call data records are commonly used by the networks for billing purposes and for network improvements.
The ‘Raw’ Call Data Records for a mobile phone are disclosed under the  Regulatory Investigative Powers Act (RIPA) to the defence and prosecution in a criminal case.
By analysing the Call data Records and  in some cases conducting a ‘Cell Site Radio Survey’, it is possible to show the likely area(s) a mobile phone could have been operating in.

Specialist radio test equipment can be used to determine whether or not a Cell Site could produce coverage in a certain area. This analysis can assist in a more detailed location and likelihood of where a call was made or received.

X-act Forensics Cell Site Analysts have many years of experience in Cell Site cases and can provide expert assistance to either prosecution or defence.

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