Mobile Phone Forensics

Apps, Internet History  and Wi-Fi are just some of the features of the modern day ‘Smart phone’ and this progression in technology has given forensic examiners more evidence to extract and to examine.  Before smart phones existed, it used to be a case that the investigation of a mobile phone would be centred around text messages and call logs, nowadays the examination of a mobile phone is similar to that of a computer.

Recent research suggests one out of every two criminal cases involves the use of a mobile telephone. In civil cases such as family disputes or employment disputes mobile phones are also increasingly common as part of litigation. Therefore it has become vital for the contents of these devices to be investigated using Mobile Phone Analysis and Mobile Phone Forensics. X-act Forensics Mobile Phone Analysts can examine key information and evidence stored on a mobile phones SIM Card and Internal Memory Chip. Information such as the retrieval of text messages, the use of email and internet, the time and date of when a call was made or received, or the contents of a video or audio recording can all be produced. Using a dedicated mobile phone laboratory, X-act Forensics has the expertise to work on any make or model of phone with the potential to recover even deleted information from the handset.  For more information on X-act Forensics Mobile Phone Analysis please call us on 0330 133 2476